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Hillsboro has a variety of housing options to fit your lifestyle. Housing in Hillsboro is plentiful and varied with single-family homes, twin homes, and apartments, plus lots to build your perfect place. Come experience Hillsboro and check out all the housing options available. Call a realtor to check out homes available, or call 701.636.2657 to get a local perspective of Hillsboro with the Coffee Crew!

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Check out Prairie View, our newest housing development!


Welcome to Prairie View! Our newest housing development is located close to Hillsboro Elementary School and showcases lots of all shapes and sizes. With more than 30 lots to choose from, you and your design team will have fun constructing your perfect home. Prairie View lots range in price from $10,000 to $12,500 and are open to all construction companies. With utility and communication lines in place, these lots are ready for your dream home. Plus, Prairie View is located in a TIF district. This helps defray the cost of special assessments! Join the new neighborhood in town where the streets are paved, safety is the priority, and neighbors gather to create memories. For more information regarding lot sizes and specifics, contact Gary Leraas 701.430.1775. Prairie View Brochure here. 

PrairieView was developed using Tax Increment Financing. As a homeowner in PrairieView, you will pay either the real estate taxes on your property or the special assessments - whichever is higher - but you will not pay both. To learn more about what it means to build in PrairieView, check out our Building in PrairieView brochure! Hillsboro is also offering incentives for building in PrairieView! Learn more by clicking on the PrairieView Incentives brochure!

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Comstock Corner

Our new assisted-living facility, Comstock Corner, is located at 12 Third Street Southeast. This new and expanded facility allows residents to live independently while still having assistance when they need it. With beautiful landscaping and daily activities, Comstock Corner offers a lifestyle everyone can enjoy. Plus, Comstock Corner is part of the Hillsboro Medical Center, so all medical services – clinic, hospital, and ambulance are under one roof. For more information on Comstock Corner, contact Joyce Smelden at 701.636.3266. 


2nd Avenue Apartments
Dan & Eileen Grabanski, Owner - 612.275.4869

Countryside Apartments
Dan & Eileen Grabanski, Managers - 612.275.4869

Jacque Stocman, Owner - 701.212.1120

Hill House
Lori Meske, Manager - 701.636.5634

Hillsboro Manor
Larry Whetzel, Manager - 701.636.5620

K&L Olson, LLP
Linda, Owner - 218.367.5196 

Kiwanis Housing
Rochelle Beck - 701.636.5945  or 701.430.3960
(low-income housing for elderly, disabled, and families)

ASA Property Management
(income guidelines apply)

Southern Manor
Jay Carlson - 701.772.5832

Traill County Housing Authority                                                                701.436.5785

Westphal Apartments
Shirley Westphal, Owner - 701.436.5817

Hillsboro Mobile Home Park
Nancy Olson - 701.436.5319

Senior Housing Options:

Comstock Corner
Joyce Smelden, Manager - 701.636.3266

Kelleher Manor
Helen Grothmann - 701.636.4353

Kiwanis Housing
Rochelle Beck - 701.636.5945  or 701.430.3960
(low-income housing for elderly, disabled, and families)

Houses for Rent:

Cindy or Andy Nordick - 701.361.5795


Goose River Realty
Gary Leraas - 701.430.1775

Check out our Housing Brochure.


Hillsboro Renaissance Zone

The Hillsboro Renaissance Zone provides tax incentives for building or improving both primary residential and commercial property within the Renaissance Zone. An application for Renaissance Zone tax incentives must be approved before improvements begin.The Hillsboro Renaissance Zone Authority, Hillsboro City Commission, and the North Dakota Department of Commerce must approve all eligible rehabilitation, new construction projects, and leases of property within the Reanissance Zone before they begin.

To apply for a Renaissance Zone project, please fill out an application. You can download the application here: Hillsboro Renaissance Zone Application

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