Cost of Doing Business 

New construction (cost to build) - office $30-42/sq. ft. and industrial $24/sq. ft.

Renovation (cost to renovate)- office $28-42/sq. ft. 

Rental costs (using comparables) - office $1.35-$2.00/sq. ft., retail $1.15-$1.40/sq. ft., industrial $.10-.30/sq. ft.

Purchase costs (using comparables)- land for commercial development $10,000-$50,000/acre, depending on infrastructure development

Workers‘ Compensation

— Based on $ 24,700 payroll cap effective July 1, 2011
Average cost for all manufacturing per $ 100 payroll $ 4.68
Average cost for office workers ( 8805 ) 100 payroll $ .47
Maximum weekly benefit $ 853
North Dakota Workers Safety & Insurance

Unemployment Insurance

2011 taxable base $ 25,500
Percentage Rate
Average amount among all employers (based on 2005 total wages) 0.82 %
Average amount for new employers (non construction) 1.37 %
Maximum weekly benefit (revised each July 1st) $ 442
Job Service North Dakota


Electric Power Average Rates
Ottertail Power Company
Standard commercial rate - general service
Customer charge
$ 12
Facility charge
52¢/kw of annual maximum demand (minimum 20 kw)
Average kilowatt an hour charge
Demand charge
Additional charges
Additional kva charges may apply depending on connected load.
Contact Otter Tail Power Company for more information.
Water heating credit for standard general service
Direct control water heating credit
Standard large commercial rate - large general service
Transmission service
Customer charge
$ 40
Facilities charge
$0.00/ kw
Monthly minimum
Customer + facilities + demand charges
(min 80 kw)
Average kilowatt hour charge
First 700,000- 4.985¢
Excess- 4.583¢
Energy - excess kwh charge
Primary service
Customer charge
$ 40
Facilities charge
11¢ / kw of annual max demand per month (min 80 kw)
Monthly minimum
Customer + facilities + demand charges
Average kilowatt hour charge
First 700,000- 5.118¢
Excess- 4.716¢
Secondary service
Customer charge
Facilities charge
30¢/kw <1000
15¢/kw >= 1000 per month (min 80)
Monthly minimum
Customer + facilities + demand charges
Average kilowatt hour charge
First 700,000- 5.14¢
Excess- 4.738¢
Energy - excess kwh charge
Natural Gas Rates
Montana-Dakota Utilities Company
Average Cost for Industrial Users $ .719 /dk - plus cost of gas (2010 Avg was $ 5.395 /dk)
Firm Contract Rates $ .597 /dk - plus cost of gas (2010 Avg was $ 5.395 /dk)
Interruptible Service Rates $ .719 /dk - plus cost of gas ( 2010 Avg was $ 5.395 /dk)
Local Service Providers
Qwest Digital switch technology. Fiber service provided. Monitored remotely and on-site. ISDN available from switch. DSL available from switch.
Points of Presence (POPS) of Long Distance Carriers (Facilities Based)
DakTel Residental $39.95 Business $49.95
CSI Cable Internet $29.99

Corporate Income Tax

Corporate Income Tax Rates 2.1% to 5.15%
North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner

Sales Tax

State sales tax 5.0 %
Local sales tax 2.0 %
Total sales tax 7.070 %
Sales tax rate by utility
Electric power Exempt
Natural gas Exempt
Fuel oil 23 cents per gallon
Water Exempt
Telephone sales tax rates (state and local combined)
Local area 5.0 %
Long distance in state 5.0 %
Long distance out of state Exempt
Machinery and equipment subject to sales/use tax
Industrial/manufacturing machinery Certain machinery for new and expanding industry is exempt
Office machinery Taxable
Pollution control – air Taxable
Pollution control – water Taxable
Office furniture/fixtures/equipment Taxable
Sales/use tax on
Computer and telecommunications equipment for a new primary sector business Exempt
Office building construction materials Taxable
Industrial building construction materials Manufacturing and ag co-op – Exempt
Non-manufacturing and non-ag – Taxable
Manufacturers’ raw materials Exempt
Canned software Taxable
Custom software Exempt
North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner

City Hall

Taxing District Mills
City Millage (includes park) 175.38
County Millage 109.51
School Millage 161.46
Special District Millage (State Medical) 1
Total Millage 447.35

Other Tax Info

No personal property tax.
No inventory tax.
No production tax.
Business tax incentives can be applied for and granted for corporate income tax and corporate property tax.

Salary by Selected Occupations

Title Hourly Median
Accountants and Auditors 23.49
Administrative Service Managers 31.64
Automotive Service Tech and Mechanics 15.51
Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Audit Clerks 14.76
Cashiers 8.49
Claims Adjuster, Examiner, and Invest 22.76
Computer Operators 14.44
Computer Support Specialists 13.00
Computer Systems Analysts 21.63
Construction Laborers 13.72
Counter and Rental Clerks 8.86
Customer Service Representatives 13.05
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Techs 28.77
Financial Managers 38.98
Heating, Air Cond, and Refrig Mechanics 19.71
Human Resources Managers 36.04
Industrial Production Managers 33.12
Helpers - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair 10.61
Executive Secretaries & Administrative Assistants 16.94
Loan Officers 25.71
Machinists 17.77
Maintenance and Repair Worker (General) 16.21
Network and Computer Systems Admin 24.65
Packaging & Filling Machinery Operators & Tenders 11.21
Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters 22.61
Receptionists and Information Clerks 11.09
Retail Salespersons 10.29
Sheet Metal Workers 18.29
Stock Clerks and Order Fillers 9.79
Surveying and Mapping Technicians 16.97
Job Service North Dakota Occupational Employment Survey, 2009 Edition


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