A cup of coffee away...

Welcome to Hillsboro, North Dakota!

Ever wish you could live in a place where neighbors stop and say hello? Where friends will stop you on the street to talk over the big game or just to ask how you’re doing – and really mean it? Then you probably haven’t lived in a place like Hillsboro, North Dakota. 

Hillsboro is located in the heart of the Red River Valley of North Dakota along Interstate 29- between two of North Dakota’s largest cities. It is just a quick commute to both Fargo and Grand Forks, but we think the very best parts of living in Hillsboro are:

  • Clean, quiet, and safe streets
  • A school district that is the envy of the region
  • A strong economy with more than 60 businesses
  • State-of-the-art communications and transportation systems
  • 24/7 fitness center, swimming pool, golf course, even a skate park to keep everyone active
  • A community of faith with four churches of different denominations
  • Sanford Hillsboro Medical Center and Hillsboro Drug with hometown doctors and pharmacists 

And it’s all just a cup of coffee away. 

Welcome to our community. Please take a few moments to look around, or better yet, stop by and see us some time. You’ll be glad you did!

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Experience Hillsboro Hospitality for yourself!

Hillsboro Hospitality is a state of mind and a way of life that is friendly, helpful, and welcoming! Located at I-29 Exit 104, our tree-lined streets are the gateway to a community full of activity in a serene setting.

And it's all just a cup of coffee away! Come for a visit!